Irina Kudrina, Anna Tikhomirova, Alexander Tsypkin and others at the Love Symphony party

Anna Tihomirova

Wherever events take the secular team. We toured the Moscow region, opened restaurants and now reached the capital’s clubs. On February 8, a multimedia performance was held with musical accompaniment by the LS Orchestra chamber symphony orchestra. Electronic duo LEVANDOWSKIY & SCHE also performed at the premiere of the Symphony musical piece, inspired by the solutions of the architectural bureau Kleinewelt Architekten, involved in the Symphony 34 project. In fact, on the occasion of the presentation of this project, MR Group and Intellectual Club “418” gathered everyone in an unusual place for us. Let’s say, we doubt that gossip column heroes have ever had to listen to a symphony concert in such a place.

But such experience can also be useful. Especially when it allows you to get to know the philosophy of the project better. A synthesis of academic music, digital art and modern electronic music, complemented by light projections and art objects, created scenes and installations in the space that convey the emotions and impressions of contemplating city life from the heights of the towers.

But in our case, not only this, secular disconnection is also important. I’m not saying everyone gathered at the event, but for many it was their first appearance this season. They honestly admit that they are not bored, but we have to go back. That’s actually what they were doing, peppering their time with travel-related conversations. So the veteran of social life Irina Tchaikovskaya told in detail what a Russian is currently vacationing in Courchevel. By the way, you can learn about this a little later in our column “A frank conversation with the hero of gossip.” In the meantime, it’s best to go back to the day of the incident, because the gossip editor really has a lot to add.

For example, young ladies who attach importance to the life of fur coats transferred to the wardrobe. There were countless of them that evening, and there were also the remaining centimeters until the moment when her belly button was revealed past the collar. Maybe, of course, this is an appropriate outfit for the capital’s club, but, it seems, not in the snowfall that overcame the capital that evening. But as they say, no matter what a child likes, as long as he doesn’t cry. And without us, someone else will take care of his health.

Guests of the event: Irina Kudrina, Anna Tikhomirova, Alexander Tsypkin, Alexandra Lekomtseva, Yan Yanovsky, Masha Fedorova, Maria Kravtsova, Kristina Kretova and Igor Tsvirko, Ksenia Anosova, Alexey Molchanov, Konstantin and Olga Andrikopoulos, Evgeniy Zabolotny, Madonna Moore, Natalya Luchaninova and others.

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