A consultant from Paris opens the session with her baby in her arms

Léa Vasa, a Parisian councilor responsible for cleanliness and the circular economy, attended a meeting of the Paris Council in the company of her three-month-old granddaughter.

It’s an unusual and decidedly feminist scene. Léa Vasa, elected environmentalist in Paris 10, presented her first resolution on a project related to the Saint-Denis canals with her newborn in her arms.

A child at the Council of Paris

Léa Vasa begins her speech by thanking the mayor of Paris for allowing her to keep her daughter with her during the session. In fact, her baby had just fallen asleep in her arms, she explained that she could not put her down or entrust her to others, with the risk of waking her up. And as she says so well:

As every parent knows, this is the most critical time, so it is absolutely not the time to belittle or rely on her.

She goes on to add:

It is not easy to reconcile the functions of an elected official with the life of a parent, and perhaps this Council will also be able to include in its regulations the possibility of coming to meetings with newborns, especially if they are breast-fed, since it is a whole organization that rethinking .

He also thanks the assembly for the kindness shown towards him. Léa Vasa’s gesture, which challenges persistent judgments about women’s ability to excel in political roles while being mothers, may encourage mothers to pursue their political ambitions without sacrificing their new motherhood.

A strong gesture that highlights too short a maternity leave

But, although this gesture is strong, it can also highlight a social flaw: that of too short maternity leave – even if the government would like to reshape it, without so far providing more details on the form it will take. to give it to him. It is also necessary and urgent to rethink the working methods and hours of young parents, regardless of whether they breastfeed their child or not.

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