“The groom cheated on his soon-to-be ex-wife on her wedding day”: Your worst wedding stories

“The groom cheated on his soon-to-be ex-wife on her wedding day”: Your worst wedding stories
“The groom cheated on his soon-to-be ex-wife on her wedding day”: Your worst wedding stories

In Le Pire du Pire, the new Madmoizelle format, we give you the floor to exorcise your worst memories and anecdotes. This week we tackle a big topic: that of weddings. Three readers told us about weddings they attended and, believe us, it was tough.

The bride and the “super” best man (no)

This story happened during my cousin’s wedding in Paris. He had booked a magnificent castle with an incredible number of rooms, a real labyrinth! The ceremony in the church and the start of the reception at the castle took place in a fairly standard manner. The bride and groom were shining, love was in the air, it was heaven !

However, the couple’s life took an unexpected turn. Less than a year after their wedding, the couple made the difficult decision to divorce. It was the beginning of the drama. Shortly after the separation, my cousin began a relationship with another woman, who, ironically, had been one of the groomsmen and a dear friend of the couple. You can probably imagine what will happen next: during her wedding, in one of the rooms of the castle, my cousin cheated on his soon-to-be ex-wife with his new girlfriend, who would become his future wife…

It’s crazy how life can throw unexpected twists and turns, especially in a majestic place like a castle in Paris.


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The infernal wedding

The wedding of my friends Émilie and François was without a doubt the craziest wedding night I’ve ever attended. It was supposed to be the wedding of the century, but in the end it felt like being in a (bad) Judd Apatow movie.

But everything started very well. The spouses were magnificent and the evening sumptuous, since organized into an incredible 18th century propertyAnd century located in the Normandy countryside. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere was fantastic.

Before dinner, the release of doves was expected. It was supposed to be the highlight of the evening, THE romantic moment. Not to mention that one of the birds, visibly disoriented, decided not to fly away like its peers, but pose with Émilie’s mother’s hairstyle. She tried to throw it out gracefully, but it didn’t work at all, the bird fluttered among the guests, it ended with a hair fight, people were crying with laughter.

Then, during Francis’ best man speech, things continued to get difficult. I don’t know what came to mind, but he wanted to do it a sort of mix between black humor and family secrets. It evidently gave me shivers. I remember that at the end of his speech the applause was unpolite and the spouses were furious.

The apotheosis of this Norman wedding was the storm that hit around midnight, just when everyone started dancing. Obviously the dance floor was not in the beautiful castle (rented only for the aperitif…) but outdoors, under a sort of large tent. It began to rain as if the sky was taking revenge for I don’t know what and the tent immediately flooded, everyone was slipping everywhere. The evening ended soaked to the bone, with ruined hairstyles and ruined clothes. It looked like a scene at the end of the world. But at least we all have a wedding story to tell, even if it’s not at all what we expected.


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A slightly inflated father-in-law

Wedding of one of my best friends in Morocco five years ago. You can’t call her the most organized person in the world, and guess what? She was preparing to marry a man as unorganized (or even less) as she was, just like her parents. In hindsight, we could definitely have seen the accident coming.

It is therefore the wedding day, everything seems ready, the guests, Moroccan and French, have settled in the splendid riad set up for the occasion. Everything seems ready, but the bride and groom and their families are not there. Behind the scenes, the bride’s groomsmen (including me) try to calm her down while her mother-in-law announces, in complete relaxation, on her phone that she “He arrives in five minutes, he met some friends in the medina, he invites them to come and watch the wedding, we need to add some chairs”. The future bride is red with anger, but holds back. We’re already an hour late and the riad has limited capacity, which doesn’t seem to bother his mother-in-law.

After another half hour, the mother-in-law hasn’t arrived yet, but we decide to go to the riad anyway to check that no one is missing, and so that the bride and her father are ready at the end of the road that leads to the riad to enter as soon as the time arrives. On the arm of her father, the bride bursts into tears, trying to hold back so as not to smear her makeup too much. Finally the mother-in-law arrives, the wedding can begin. We witnesses, who were holding our breath, are relieved. But after fifteen minutes of the ceremony, when it’s time to wear the wedding rings, realization: the groom’s sister, who should have the wedding rings, is nowhere to be found. She is also late (by almost two hours, compared to the initial start time of the ceremony). We try to do everything so that the bride doesn’t notice but, too late, her face turns red and the dragon within her (of course) seems to want to come out and breathe fire on everyone present. I don’t know by what miracle the sister in question arrived at the moment when the bride would really have prevailed and my friend could finally get married.


* Names have been changed.

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