Children’s Books: The 10 Best Children’s Albums of December 2023

Children’s Books: The 10 Best Children’s Albums of December 2023
Children’s Books: The 10 Best Children’s Albums of December 2023

Well, Christmas is approaching, it’s cold, the throws slide on the sofas, it’s the perfect time to bundle up and read a book!

If you’re looking for ideas for children’s books to give as gifts at Christmas (or the rest of the year), look no further: here’s our pick of our favorites for this cold month of December.

You know the tree, from 5 years old

Perfect Christmas album written by Olivier Tallec and published by Pastel editions, You know the tree tells the journey of a small fir tree that didn’t have the chance to grow in the mountains, but in a fir forest along the road. If it weren’t for the fact that Sapi refuses to let himself be exploited to become an Ikea table, he has a greater ambition: to become a Christmas tree. But be careful, disillusionment: Christmas doesn’t last. Funny and touching, this album makes you want to buy a potted tree, to replant it properly after the holidays.

Three kittens in the night, from 3 years

Sublimely drawn in oil by the talented Audrey Poussier, this children’s book, published by École des Loisirs, is the perfect bedtime story for human kittens who don’t want to sleep. It tells the adventures of three kittens who, instead of sleeping peacefully in their room, go out the window to have nocturnal adventures. Except that after a while they are very happy that their mother cat came to save them when they were lost at the top of Mont Piton-Pointu.

Three kittens in the night

Grand Chêne’s birthday, from 4 years old

An owl seek and find by Rachel Piercey and Freya Hartas, published by Gallimard Jeunesse. Illustrations full of finesse and detail, hundreds of animals to find, moments of life so sweet that we too would like to sit near the Grand Chêne to have a picnic with all the animals of the forest. A beautiful object to offer to all the little ones who have a good sense of observation.

The birthday of the Great Oak

Knock knock knock it’s Christmas, for 1 year

By Rob Hodgson and published by Larousse, this little animated album is perfect for introducing little ones to the big themes of Christmas. Each page gives way to the next, presenting all the characters that make up Christmas and this month of December, from the reindeer to the snowman, through Santa Claus himself and his elf. And be careful, the eyes move!

Knock knock knock it's Christmas

The child, the painter and the sea, from 7 years

François Place gives us, in this album published by Éditions Pastel de l’École des Loisirs, the story of a child’s meeting with the painter Ricardo Cavallo on the Finistère coast. A very sensitive text which is a perfect introduction to painting, creation and art, a tribute to nature and the beauty of small details and large landscapes.

The child, the painter and the sea

Santa’s Secret Workshop, from 4 years old

The journalist Céline Kallmann and the illustrator Crescenza Bouvarel have published a real Christmas album with Flammarion Jeunesse. The latter takes us to Santa’s secret laboratory, which has a small peculiarity: he doesn’t make new toys there, he reworks them and then redistributes them. This way, no waste! This story, adapted from the podcast Another story, it’s getting under the tree, and even just before.

Santa's secret laboratory

A heart in winter, from 3 years

Warning, this album is too cute. Written by Alessandro Montagnana and published by Saltimbanque, A heart in winter tells the story of Chip, a little robin, who loses his brothers and sisters in a cold storm. He then meets Lula, an isolated fox, who offers him friendship. They both warm up, discover each other and love each other very much, and a beautiful friendly and fraternal relationship develops. create. A beautiful album about friendship, isolation, sharing and the values ​​of Christmas, to read in this cold month of December.

A heart in winter

Like Santa Claus comes down the chimney, from 4 years old

Another great story published by Pastel de l’École des Loisirs, written by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen. Perfect for all the little ones who still believe in Santa Claus and who wonder how this bearded gentleman manages to fit through the chimney, all without having to do laundry between one house and another because his costume is full of soot . So what do you think he does?

Like Santa Claus comes down the chimney

Somewhere in the snow, ages 3 and up

Great story written by Linde Faas and published by Kaleidoscope, Somewhere in the snow read with a good hot chocolate (Chantilly supplement). The story tells of Sophie who is looking for some Christmas magic and she decides to follow a moose who takes her deep into the snowy forest. There she discovers a lonely tree and asks the non-hibernating animals to help her decorate it. Sweetness, poetry and Christmas spirit, it’s all there!

Somewhere in the snow

Cinderella, a pop-up book, from 5 years old

Dinara Mirtalipova’s illustrations bring the story of Cinderella to life! In this pop-up book published by Glénat, each page of the story is animated with extraordinary finesse. You feel like you are totally immersed in this timeless classic and spend precious time analyzing and admiring every drawing and scene. A sublime object to offer to all those who want to (re)discover the story of the woman who lost her shoe.

Cinderella, a pop-up book

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