Jurassic Park: the director of Promising Young Woman wants to make it an erotic film

Who hasn’t found dinosaurs erotic? Absolutely everyone. Except maybe Emerald Fennell, the director of Promising Young Woman. In an interview for Deadline, the director said that she found such energy in dinosaurs that she dreams of making a film in which men and dinosaurs give in to passion.

You thought you knew Emerald Fennell after her first movie came out Promising young woman ? You have not seen nothing yet. In a recent interview with Expirationthe director has hinted at the idea of ​​a film inspired by the franchise Jurassic Parkreworked in a version that no one expected…

A marriage between a man and a velociraptor

The career of the director, winner of the Oscar for best original screenplay in 2021 for Promising young woman, is far from stopped. Emerald Fennell prepares the release of Salt burnera film with Rosamund Pike, Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi scheduled for release on Prime Video. Even though this new feature film is highly anticipated, the director doesn’t seem to want to rest on her laurels. When asked about her future plans, Fennell mentioned an idea that could shake up the film industry: an erotic film… about dinosaurs.

Finding dinosaurs strangely “erotic”Fennell explained his concept “dream movie” :

“I honestly think I’ve been very lucky. I have already been able to realize my dream projects. But my favorite movie of all time is Jurassic Park, so I’d like that [faire un film] in the world of dinosaurs. […] First of all it is very erotic. I think humans and dinosaurs have reached a point in their lives together where things start to get very exciting. So there is a marriage between a man and a velociraptor and it is essentially a marital drama. »

Jurassic Park // Source: Universal
Source: Universal

If Emerald Fennell failed to convince us of the feminist point of view (and even shocked us deeply), it remains to be seen whether the director will fare better in the cinematic game of erotic dinosaurs…

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