Why Jeff Bezos’ cowboy hat in Vogue annoys real cowboys

The Amazon founder posed for Vogue with his partner Lauren Sánchez, who is on the cover of the December issue. On this occasion he pulled out his best cowboy hat, much to the misfortune of the real farmers.

When Jeff Bezos wore a cowboy hat during his first trip into space aboard a Blue Origin rocket in 2021, we could already wonder about this headgear. Wearing brown cowboy boots and a denim blue astronaut suit, he looked ready to conquer this novelty far west what would space tourism be? At the time, many Internet users and the media already had the impression that a disguise was hidden over the billionaire’s head. In the Vogue USA of December 2023 of which his girlfriend Lauren Sánchez is on the cover, the founder of Amazon poses next to him wearing a cowboy hat again, a sign of his desire to make it an important communication element. But what is the third biggest fortune in the world trying to tell us, behind Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault?

What is Jeff Bezos saying with his cowboy hat?

Does Jeff Bezos personally care for the cows along the 150,000 acres he owns in West Texas, he wonders Caretaker. The main British newspaper also questioned Michael Grauer, curator of the National Cowboy & Western History Museum, on this appropriation of a symbol of freedom, of conquest of large spaces and closeness to nature:

“There are many breeders who barely know what a horse is. A cowboy hat does not make you someone who embodies its philosophy. You can wear the clothes, the hat, the boots all day, but unless you understand what a cowboy really is, frankly, it’s just a disguise. »

In other words, Jeff Bezos’ adoption of the cowboy hat in a communicative stunt like a fashion editorial Rowing it seems like an attempt to present himself as a down-to-earth, hard-working man (see the well-packed biceps in his T-shirt), even close to people. Which sounds particularly false. Or perhaps it is rather to illustrate his desire to present himself as the conqueror of the new wild wild west more and more distant : space, the last frontier of luxury for the ultra-rich.

Why Jeff Bezos' cowboy hat annoys real cowboys // Source: Lauren Sánchez and Jeff Bezos photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue US December 2023 / Instagram Screenshot

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