How to spend a weekend to recharge

If you’re swamped with work until the end of the year and just dreaming of a holiday, then we offer you a quick reboot option for the weekend. Once you complete all the points in our recharge checklist, we guarantee that you will have enough moral and physical strength for more than a week.

go to nature

Rest is, first of all, a change from the daily environment. Even after lying in your bed all weekend, you cannot get the same rest even when walking in a new place, especially in nature. The LES Art Resort hotel is located in an ecologically clean area, just an hour’s drive from Moscow. It has a large area of ​​20 hectares, surrounded by ancient forests and with modern landscape design. It’s nice to walk among the fir trees and giant grass bears, breathing in the fresh air. You can stay alone in a specially designed room in one of the hotel buildings, or with a group or family in a villa with panoramic windows.

water treatments

They say that by swimming we overcome gravity and this automatically loosens the clamps not only on our body but also on our brain. Therefore, the next point in your recovery program is the pool. Fortunately, there are three of them: a large indoor pool 50 meters long and two outdoor pools with hot water that can be used in all seasons and a warm relaxation area with sun loungers. One of those open with sea water!

Choose who you want to imagine yourself as this weekend: an Olympic champion in training or relaxing by the sea? If you get tired of lounging around, there’s a spa complex just a few steps away, offering saunas, steam baths and massages, as well as a variety of facial and body treatments.

communication with animals

It has been proven that communication with animals increases the level of the “happiness hormone” oxytocin. And the level of the “stress hormone” cortisol decreases. Rabbits, birds, squirrels and, most interestingly for a city dweller, deers live on the hotel’s territory. Under the strict guidance of the keepers, you will be able to pet and hand-feed sika deer cubs.

Delicious food

I agree, it’s great not to have to think about what to cook or order takeout on the weekend. Your stay at LES Art Resort also includes buffet restaurants for the most discerning gourmets. Note that they serve champagne at breakfast, lunch and of course dinner.

But be careful! Maybe you call your boss on Sunday evening and tell him you’re sick, just to extend your stay.

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