Linda Evangelista reports domestic violence: “He didn’t touch her face on purpose”

Linda Evangelista said she was abused by her ex-husband, Gerald Marie. She told this in the documentary “Super Models”. His remarks were reported by the Daily Mail.

Linda Evangelista and Gerald Marie. Photo: archives

He thanked the women who had previously accused Gerald Marie of rape “for giving him the courage to speak out.” “I realized I was in the wrong relationship. Leaving an abusive relationship is easier said than done. And I understand this concept because I followed it. I wish you could say: “I want a divorce, see you later.” But unfortunately this does not happen. He didn’t touch his face on purpose because he knew it would bring him a lot of money, you know?” – said the model. She also added that she was very young when she got married. She was 22 and he was 27 at the time.

Linda Evangelista. Photo: Getty Images

Recall that Linda Evangelista was married to Gerald Marie from 1987 to 1993. She later became president of the European agency Elite Model Management.

Source: People Talk

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