This watermelon test, to understand what a pregnant woman goes through, is super fun

Do you want to know what the daily life of a woman is like at the end of pregnancy? The watermelon test is for you.

Many women who are pregnant, or have already been pregnant, will probably find themselves in this series of videos. Remember your last trimester of pregnancy, the difficulty of wearing a pair of pumps other than flip-flops, of putting on jeans, of getting out of bed without looking like a turtle, or worse: of shaving your legs or neck. Ok, do you have the images in mind? Now imagine what a boy would be like if he were to experience the same thing, and you might laugh really hard. This visual experience has a name, the watermelon test, and one TikTok user successfully passed it on to his partner.

He tries to get in the way of his pregnant wife

TikTok user @hannahjeanrn is late in her pregnancy and had a brilliant idea: hang a huge watermelon on her boyfriend’s belly and mangoes on his pecs (to replace boobs doubling in size). The target ? Showing her how she feels with a 3.5kg roast in the womb. These little things take up space, they take your breath away, they prevent you from moving properly, in short I hope they go away from there.

And her boyfriend, thanks to this, is able to put himself a little more in his wife’s shoes by carrying out simple tasks, accompanied by his large watermelon: tidying up the house, putting on shoes and socks, lying down and getting up from the kitchen. bed, pick up something from the floor while doing squats… The result is very funny, take a look instead:


I just wanted the hubs to walk about 15 minutes in my shoes. 🤣❤️ #pregnantlife #32weekspregnant #pregnancy #thirdtrimesterbelike #thirdtrimesterproblems #husbandandwife #husbandtok #paircomedy #pairtok #maternity #maternity #watermelonchallenge #husbandwatermelonchallenge #husbandwatermelon #fyp #fypシ #trending #challenge #tiktok

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After posting that amazing first video, the couple didn’t stop there. They continued the tests, this time shaving their legs in the shower, driving a car, and taking a simple walk around the neighborhood (while losing one of the two mangoes):


Replying to @Deeleebra You want a part ✌🏼. Let’s gooooo. 🤣 #pregnancytok #husbandandwife #watermelonchallenge #maternity #coppiatok #coppiacommedia #maternity #coppiacommedia #terzotrimesterproblems #terzotrimesterbelike #32weekspregnant #coppiatok #foryoupage #fyp #pregnancyhumor #watermelonbaby #coppiasoftiktok #trending #capcut #tiktok

♬ Boogie Shoes – KC and The Sunshine Band

So yes, the boy does not have, in addition to the weight of a watermelon, to deal with crazy hormones, hemorrhoids, colostrum leaks and swollen ankles… But it gives an idea of ​​what most pregnant women experience towards the end of their pregnancy.

When will a postpartum simulator be available for people to realize the vital importance of doing their part and providing relief to new mothers? I don’t know if TikTok has it in stock, but it might be pretty good.

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