Aiza-Liluna Ai showed who she went on a date with

Aiza-Liluna Ai now lives in Bali. Recently the blogger announced that he bought a house there and is now actively engaged in the arrangement of this house. But she doesn’t forget to go to appointments.

Aiza-Liluna Ai. Photo: social networks

Aiza-Liluna showed who she went to dinner with the other day. He posted the photo on his Telegram channel. “Girls, how do you like this guy? He has blue eyes,” she wrote.

Photo: social networks

Let’s remember that Aiza-Liluna Ai was married twice. She married blogger Guf in 2008, but they separated in 2013. “It was 2013. I was sitting with my friends, Lesha disappeared somewhere again, we have nothing to pay the rent. I sit and am extremely indifferent, I don’t care. Then my friend comes in and says: “Jesus, I can’t lie anymore. “Lesha called me and asked for money for a prostitute.” I stood up, walked slowly to the closet and took out the garbage bags. I gave it to my friends and the nanny and said, “Take my things and the child’s things.” “They packed everything and left,” he admitted in an interview. During their marriage, they had a son named Sam.

Guf and Aiza-Liluna Ai with their son Sam. Photo: social networks

And they were with Dmitry Anokhin from 2015 to 2020. In 2016, their son Elvis was born. “My husband said to me: “Go, you are Guf’s wife.” And I’m having a blast! He always tells me: “I am married to Guf’s wife.” I can understand, it’s hard for him because of all this. What should I do? I had been divorced for a long time when we started dating. I have no feelings for Gufu. I put up with this for five years. That’s why I thought we would divorce. I’m tired!” – in 2020 on her YouTube show “Alena, damn it!”

Aiza-Liluna Ai and Dmitry Anokhin. Photo: social networks

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