Anastasia Reshetova chose the most harmful products that she could not refuse

Anastasia Reshetova has lost a lot of weight recently. It got to the point that Internet users began to accuse the girl of “melting before our eyes.” But the model will not stop there and will continue to monitor nutrition. However, she admits that she doesn’t just eat diet foods.

Anastasia Reshetova. Photo: social networks

“Although I adhere to a healthy diet and lifestyle, I am a human being too and sometimes I give myself guilty pleasures. There are some things you can’t refuse. Blogger, on her Telegram channel, tea with milk and butter, sweet potato fries and fried halloumi cheese are the things I can treat myself.

Anastasia Reshetova. Photo: social networks

Recall that in the winter of 2019 Anastasia whispered on the Internet about her pregnancy. He and Timati confirmed the good news by posting images from a family photo shoot in the summer of the same year. And already on October 16, 2019, the lovers had a son, who was named Ratmir. In 2020, Anastasia and Timati broke up after six years of relationship.

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