On Lerchek’s husband’s phone, they found compromising evidence about the blogger’s friends.

It seems that only the discussion about the Chekalin family was over, but no. Lerchek and her husband had already caught someone else. According to Mash, investigators found 350GB of conciliatory evidence on Artyom’s phone about the blogger’s girlfriends and officials.

Lerchek and Artem Chekalin. Photo: social networks

Journalists suggest that Valeria’s husband hid the files in order to later slander his former stylist, with whom his wife had a high-profile scandal last year. Then Lerchek accused the girl of selling him fake luxury brands at the original price. Now he was going to file a lawsuit against Elvira Yankovskaya. But apparently things didn’t go as planned…

As we wrote earlier, in early March, criminal proceedings were brought against Lerchek and her husband Artem for particularly large-scale tax evasion and money laundering charges. After counting all the companies, the bloggers were arrested. And recently it became known that the Chekalina spouses paid off their tax debts, paying more than 311 million rubles.

Source: People Talk

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