It’s no longer the tender one of the mountain: Heidi’s gore film is out, the classic turned into horror

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She’s no longer the cutie of the mountain: Heidi’s gore film is released, the classic turned horror – Diffusion (Film Company)

We have already said before that this 2022 was the year of horror films, after the reactivation of the film and entertainment industry, this genre has had an incalculable boom and a good acceptance by the public who want to enjoy movies on the screen great. It was exactly the same year that animated and children’s classics, have had their adaptation as horror films and this is the time to talk about ‘Mad Heidi’, a tape in which we will never see the same girl from the mountain again.

Surely you will remember this peculiar character who, incidentally, was the protagonist of some memes circulating on social networks. Well, ‘Heidi’, the children’s anime series released in January 1974 and which showed the little mountain girl raised as an orphan and raised by her aunt Dete and then by her grandfather until she was 5 years old, also debuts a horror adaptation this year bloody. This will be a Swiss film with very funny touches that we already know through its crowdfunding campaign.

much in spite of ‘Heidi’ is a classic, the reality is that, ‘Mad Heidi’, her horror film It comes out of the ordinary and, in addition to being nostalgic and tender, becomes an experience reserved for a small group of people who love to see gore in its maximum cinematic expression. The film will be released in selected theaters and guarantees a good success, or at least, this is what its campaign promises.

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The premiere of ‘Mad Heidi’ outside Spain should be due to its success. Photo: Diffusion.

At the moment, ‘Mad Heidi’ that it is a Swiss made production, will only be released in certain theaters in Spain, but the possibility that it will reach countries such as the United States, Mexico and the entire Latin American region is not excluded. It’s a gore horror comedy set in the mountains of the Alps, but this time with a brutal and terrifying idea, far from the animated version, and with a Heidi who keeps a twisted mind.

‘Mad Heidi’ was created through a crowdfunding campaign’

The horror version of Heidiis released in certain theaters in Spain on November 25, 2022, its exclusivity is due to the fact that, being a sufficiently violent film, and with a plot that revives historical events that are not comfortable for some countries, it is a non-commercial proposition for large chains and distribution companies around the world.

Although this release already generates attention and controversy on social networks, it needs much more to become a success, as did ‘Terrifier’, which will also be released in theaters and will reach the halls of Mexico and Latin America in a single and exclusive day so that you can see it. ‘Mad Heidi’ was financed thanks to the public, so its box office earnings must be greater and attractive to the production company Swissploitation.

Heidi fights for the freedom of her city against the cheese tycoon in her horror film. Photo: Diffusion.

If the production company is profitable, surely the film could have a sequel very soon and eventually release in the Halloween season, which generally has the highest number of horror releases.

This movie created from a crowdfunding campaign, takes Heidi out of her childhood and mixes her origins, into a horror, gory, action, comedy and adventure film that can be quite crazy for the viewer. It was directed by Johannes Hatmann and Sandro Lopfstein and set in a dystopian Switzerland which is now under the rule of an evil fascist regime known to be the greatest cheese tycoon.

Heidi She does not come alone, although she is the heroine of the film, she is accompanied by her grandfather Alpöhi who accompanies her in the fight for freedom trying to get her country out of fascism. The mountain girl will have to face the Nazi troops and fight a war against them to be victorious.

By Karen Magallanes

Source: Nacion Flix