The 6 horror movies that Stephen King recommends for lovers of thrilling plots

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6 Horror Films Stephen King Recommends For Lovers of Thrilling Plots – Special (Courtesy)

In the history of the entertainment industry there are few who have received recognition from Stephen King as a creator of horror stories, for this reason the world of cinema has adapted many of his books into films that have become a success, and now this the author has recommended several terrifying films which, if you are a fan of this genre, you should definitely see.

Super natural (HBO Max)

One of horror movies recommended by Stephen King is ‘Sobre-Natural’, an intense production you can enjoy on HBO Max, directed by director Frank Darabont and released in 2007, a title that shows how small-town dwellers take refuge in their homes, when you get lost and creatures mortals arrive beside a thick fog.

Scarlet Peak (Netflix)

Directed by Guillermo del Toro and released in 2015, ‘The Scarlet Summit’ is another of the horror movie that Stephen King invites you to seewhich shows Netflix subscribers a storyline set in the 19th century, centering on Edith, a young woman who is able to talk to the dead, discovering her husband and sister, a dark secret.

Dawn of the Dead (Netflix)

‘Dawn of the Dead’ is a terrifying film directed by Zack Snyder, who is part of the horror movies recommended by stephen kinga gripping and chilling production that follows a nurse, police officer and other residents of a city of Milwaukee, who are forced to fight carnivorous zombies while trapped in a shopping mall.

The Descent (Amazon Prime Video)

Released in the world of cinema in 2005. ‘The Descent’ is a horror film that you can watch on the Amazon Prime Video streaming service, which features a chilling storyline following Sarah, a young woman who, after suffering severe emotional trauma, becomes travels to North Carolina to spend a few days exploring some caves where she discovers she is not alone.

Final Destination (HBO Max)

‘Final Destination’ is the beginning of one of the most famous horror franchises in the world of cinema, a production launched in 2000 and directed by director James Wong, which presents a compelling story that shows how a young student suffers from a strange foreboding, where many young people face a horrible end, which eventually comes to pass.

City of the Damned (YouTube)

If true, ‘The Town of the Damned’ is not the most recent horror film, however, as confirmed by Stephen King, it is one of the best in the history of cinema, a production released in 1960 that tells how a group of strange albino children they use mental powers to control adults in a California city.

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