Rosalía eats the Big Apple, demonstrating (once again) that the black color is successful

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Rosalia is sweeping her world tour and New York has surrendered at her feet. Catalan by Bella Hadid set the RRSS on fire with her latest posts on Instagram. However, the paparazzi followed him 24/7 and gave us the most. cool and the Big Apple is comfortable to eat. With these premises, the artist reminds us of the great success of betting on a bet. full view black. Far from being boring or overwhelming, this is very classic color It adapts to all possible styles and occasions.

When in doubt, the solution is black

We do not know what this color has, but in any case it is capable of dressing us. In the absence of inspiration, black always makes us look perfect. Able to adapt to any fashion or trend, Rosalía plays with textures to show that a total black look can be powerful and break from anything.

Rosalia Total Look Black 03

Far from boring, this outfit has everything to rock it. The queen of Motomami’s hairstyle has not been lost, with straight cut leather pants, a tweed jacket with glittery details and a small crossbody bag with a thick chain. It has been the icing on a kind of cake gathered with tens of different thickness braids falling like a ponytail.

The clogs are back (to stay)

We know trends come and go, and we also know that cowboy boots compulsory it is the season. Although Rosalia should have known this too, the artist opted for thick rubber clogs that added charm (and comfort) to the final look.

Rosalia Total Look Black 02

It is possible that more than one person will be inspired by the proposal to dress in the coming days of autumn 2022.

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