The blockbuster film ‘Avatar’ is re-released in theaters with a surprise; James Cameron reveals the details

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The blockbuster film “Avatar” will be re-released in theaters with a little surprise for fans – Diffusion (Disney Studios)

‘Avatar’ will be released in theaters again on September 22nd, the first part of James Cameron’s most recent saga, which broke records in theaters 13 years ago, and which this time will present a 4k remasteringand to the surprise of all the fans, we will have an addition credits scene.

The second part of the Avatar movie, which took almost more than a decade to produce, released its first trailer a few months ago, announcing a release date. premiere for December 15, 2022. In these first previews, the planet Pandora sees itself again, together with the protagonists, Neytiri and Jake Sullynow they are parents.

So far the information does not reveal many details about this upcoming production, although some aspects of the story can be captured, such as what happened at the na’vi having fought with the military forces of the Earth, suffering casualties and again forced to adapt to circumstances.

This news is accompanied by a surprise for fans of the saga. since the mentioned revival of the first film It will have a post-credits scene that will show us some traces of the new way of life of the characters and their relationship with water, an element that seems to have a relevant importance in this episode.

“Become a Dweller”, James Cameron on ‘Avatar: The Way to Water’

In a recent interview for Los Angeles Times in Wellington, New Zealand, the director of the cult film ‘Terminator 2’ has stated that during all this time, since it premiered ‘Avatar’, he has been involved in endless activities, from investigating the depths of the ocean to building submarines. All around his most recent project, the ‘Avatar’ saga.

Likewise, he comments on his interest in environmental issues, which almost made him give up continuing with ‘Avatar’: “I spoke to my wife about the opportunity to stop shooting and work on sustainability issues. But we managed to do it in parallel with the recovery process. We are doing everything for conservation efforts, I don’t want to say this as a secondary effort, but in parallel, ”he says Giacomo Cameronwho claims to devote the same commitment to these activities as to his films.

On the other hand, he talked about 3D in his projects, explaining that he used this technique is not the reason to go to a movie, but rather that this is just a detail within the production:

I think the reasons for seeing this film are the same as the first one, “he said.

“You enter a world. You immerse yourself completely in it. You feel that it surrounds you and you become an inhabitant”, concluded the author.

By Eduardo Ramos

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