The mystery movies on Netflix not to be missed in the rest of September

Las películas de misterio en Netflix que no te puedes perder en lo que resta de septiembreThe mystery movies on Netflix not to be missed in the rest of September

The detective movies on Netflix not to be missed in the rest of September – Photographer: Special (Courtesy / Netflix)

One of the sections of Netflix that constantly feeds on this platform is that of crime films, and it is proof that in this last part of September the streaming giant has released ‘El Perfumista’, an original production that is ideal to start a good marathon of these intriguing tapes in this service, so, here we show you 6 of these titles.

the perfumer

‘The Perfumer’ is a chilling original title that quickly became one of the best mystery movies on netflixwith a plot that tells the story of a detective who, in order to regain his sense of smell and his lover, decides to join forces with a perfumer who uses very dangerous methods to create the perfect perfume.

City of Shadows

Another of the yellow movies not to be missed on Netflix is ‘City of Shadows’, a large cast production led by Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones, a fast-paced title that follows a private detective with a dark past named Billy Taggart, who receives the mission, from del mayor of the city of New York, to investigate his wife, which will lead him to uncover a major criminal conspiracy.


If you like suspense thrillers, ‘Forgotten’ is a must-see movie, one of the best mystery movies on netflixwhich tells the story of a young man who tries to discover the truth behind the terrible kidnapping of his brother, who was held prisoner for 19 days, and returned completely changed and without remembering anything about what happened.

lost girls

Based on a chilling true story, “Lost Girls” is one of the streaming giant’s most acclaimed mystery films, as it shows subscribers how a desperate woman is determined to find her missing daughter, then initiates a personal investigation leading the police. to investigate other unsolved cases of murdered prostitutes.


‘Presas’ is an original German film from this fast-paced shoot, a title that shows how a group of friends decided to take a hike into the forest, due to one of them having a bachelor party at first. Okay well, though, the trip changes completely when, on the campsite, you hear loud shots, as it is a mysterious shooter who has made him their new prey in the house.


‘Annihilation’ is one of the most extraordinary Netflix films, a production with Natalie Portman that shows Lena, a biologist and former soldier who decides to join a mission to find her missing husband, who was last seen in a mysterious access region.

Orlando’s Medina

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