Hugh Jackman Says Filming DEADPOOL and WOLVERINE Was One of the Best Experiences of His Career

Hugh Jackman Says Filming DEADPOOL and WOLVERINE Was One of the Best Experiences of His Career

Marvel Studios recently screened 35 minutes of footage from Deadpool and Wolverine at a fan event in Shanghai, China, and Hugh Jackman was present and talked about the film and his experience making it.

Speaking about his decision to return to play Wolverine for the film, he said: “I thought I was done seven years ago. But as soon as we came up with this idea, I realized this was the matchup that people wanted, that I wanted, that Ryan wanted, that the fans wanted.”

Speaking about the story and his character in the film, Jackman said that the film contains “sides of Wolverine that I’ve never played before, and that challenged me as an actor and excited me.”

He added: “I feel like a Wolverine fan in many ways, because of Deadpool, because of [Reynolds and Levy]you’ll see a more complete and different side of him than you’ve ever seen before. And that was exciting for me, and I hope it’s exciting for you too.”

The actor continued, “The experience of making the film was one of the greatest of my career, and I’ve been playing Wolverine for 25 years.”

“This experience has surpassed anything I’ve ever done as this character before, and in many other films, in anything. I loved it. And I think it shows on the screen.

“You can feel the warmth. The movie has warmth, and it’s funny, and it’s irreverent, and the action is crazy. But I think you can feel the friendship.”

The feeling is mutual for My name is Ryan Reynolds.who shared at the same event that Deadpool & Wolverine is the “best movie I’ve ever made.”

It’s great that Jackman is back playing Wolverine after retiring from the role. It seems like his return is the only reason why the head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige decided to move forward with the film. Reynolds and the director by Shawn Levi He pitched Marvel several concepts, but it wasn’t until Jackman joined the team that Feige said yes.

of Marvel Studios Deadpool and Wolverine will be released in theaters on July 26.

by Joey Fear
Source: Geek Tyrant

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