Marvel Heroes Battle Godzilla in New Marvel Comics Variant Covers

Marvel Heroes Battle Godzilla in New Marvel Comics Variant Covers

Marvel Comics has released a fantastic collection of variant covers for their September offerings, and they feature various heroes battling Godzilla!

These variant covers were created in collaboration with Toho International, the US branch of the Japanese studio, and will be part of Godzilla: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus.

This Omnibus assembles itself Doug Moench AND Herbal TrimmedThe entire 24-issue series is in full color for the first time, and Marvel Comics plans to publish all-new “Godzilla Variant Covers” in select September issues.

Here is the description of Godzilla: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus:

Godzilla rises from the depths of the United States and the Marvel Universe! Watch the towering scourge of Tokyo march across America and battle some of the best and brightest the House of Ideas had to offer, including the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, the Champions, Nick Fury and the mechanized monster fighter, Red Ronin!

Godzilla goes west, travels through time to battle the Devil Dinosaur, and hosts one of Spider-Man’s most gratuitous guests ever—but when Godzilla is shrunk down to miniature size, the fearsome titan proves he can still be a tiny terror! Plus: aliens, mutants, mad scientists, and epic kaiju showdowns with Godzilla’s other hulking titans, including Batragon and Yetrigar!

Check out the illustrations below along with the list of comics and artists:

Scarlet Witch #4 Godzilla Variant Cover by Mitsuhiro Arita

Fantastic Four #25 Godzilla Variant Cover by Greg Land

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #24 Godzilla Variant by Romy Jones

Immortal Thor #15 Godzilla variant by Jonas Scharf

Dazzler Variant #1 Godzilla by Elizabeth Torque

Godzilla variant of Avengers #18 by Ario Anindito

Cover of the Godzilla variant of Vengeance of the Moon Knight n. 9 by Taurin Clarke

Spider-Gwen: The Ghost-Spider #5 Godzilla Variant Cover by InHyuk Lee

Deadpool #6 Godzilla variant cover by Paco Medina

Venom #37 Godzilla Variant Cover by Dave Wachter

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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