X-MEN Screenwriter David Hayter Celebrates Alan Cumming, Calls X2 ‘The Gayest Movie’

X-MEN Screenwriter David Hayter Celebrates Alan Cumming, Calls X2 ‘The Gayest Movie’

About a week ago, Tony-winning and four-time Emmy-nominated actor Alan Cumming sat down to talk about his career in a new interview with Entertainment weekly (via expiration).

When asked about his time playing superhero Nightcrawler in the Marvel movie X2: X-Men UniteCumming said it was the “gayest” movie he’s ever done, which, he says, says a lot.

He noted that the film had a queer director and a lot of queer actors in it, and emphasized that the story is an allegory about queerness, about people who have these great gifts and really great, powerful things that they have to hide from. to exist. You said that “queer people understand what it’s about.”

Now, the screenwriter of the film, David Hayterresponded to the actor’s comments, stating:

“I was thrilled that Alan Cumming called ‘X2’ the gayest film he had ever worked on. He made me really happy. I’m so happy we did well with him. He is a true icon for gay rights. Even Ian McKellen recognized the allegory from a gay perspective.”

Hayter added that the team’s goal for the “X-Men” films was to appeal to “anyone who has faced hatred, exclusion or judgment and still felt compelled to do the right thing.” Hayter continued:

“We had the Holocaust in the opening [‘X-Men’] and Magneto ultimately paraphrases Malcolm X. It’s really for anyone who feels left out. But we had a number of key creatives behind and in front of the camera who were gay, so obviously that element was on our mind. The fact that it happened and that it was fulfilling for Alan meant a lot to me personally.

It’s nice to see comics reaching all different types of people and allowing them to feel seen and not alone.

Cumming did not reprise Nightcrawler in the additional “X-Men” sequels, although rumors have circulated that he will appear as a mutant in the next Marvel film Deadpool and Wolverine. Would be great!

via: Variety

by Jessica Fisher
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