David Fincher Shared His Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence Saying He’s ‘Not That Worried’

David Fincher Shared His Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence Saying He’s ‘Not That Worried’

In recent months there has been a lot of discussion about the integration of artificial intelligence in cinema. It’s already happening and the more it gets better, the more movie studios will lean into it and what it can do.

In 2023, director David Fincher spoke to GQ about artificial intelligence, and while he’s used it before to help in the filmmaking process, he’s not too worried about the technology. He keeps an eye on him, though!

Fincher spoke for the first time about some of his artist friends who have played with it, saying: “I have friends who are photography geniuses who play with AI, and if you look at it, it always seems like some kind of low-key version cost of [Academy Award-winning cinematographer] Roger Deakins. And I understand what AI is drawing on to make this happen.”

But the director sees the benefit of using AI as a “really powerful tool” and shared how he used it in his most recent film, The killer. The AI ​​helped Fincher when he was in trouble during the film’s post-production.

He said: “We had a few jokes […] in “The Killer” that we had looped but couldn’t get it right, with Michael, so he said it on an iPhone in an environment that wasn’t conducive to using it as a voiceover, and we could take it and process it for hours of dubbing that we had, and we spit it out, and it was clean, and it was the music of his voice. And that’s incredibly convenient to have.”

The director went on to explain why he isn’t worried about artificial intelligence, saying, “And for the life of me, I haven’t heard a Beatles song about artificial intelligence that compares to ‘Eleanor Rigby.’

“That is until someone plays an AI song that knocks me out […] maybe it’s just where we are now, and I might eat the words in a year, but I think ultimately, the thing we respond to in poetry, in writing, in songwriting, and in photography, is personal inclination. The thing that makes it [human].”

A lot has evolved with AI technology since Fincher gave these interviews, and experts say that in five years, AI will have the creativity of a human, which is crazy.

Fincher concluded: “Until the moment someone shows me something I go to… [he slaps his chest] – “Oh my God, it breaks my heart,” and then they say, “Oh, well, apparently, this was someone talking into a microphone, and this is the movie that came out,” I’m not so worried about This.”

As AI continues to evolve, it will be interesting and crazy to see how it continues to change the way things are done and the way filmmakers make movies in the future.

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by Joey Paur
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