THE BOYS was originally developed as a film trilogy by director Adam McKay

THE BOYS was originally developed as a film trilogy by director Adam McKay

Before Seth Rogan, Evan GoldbergAND Eric Kripke developed a series adaptation of The boys comic book series for Amazon Prime Video, the director was developing a trilogy of films Adam McKay.

According to a recent Rolling Stone report, the trilogy was developed in 2008 after Rogen and Goldberg purchased the first issue of the comic from Garth Ennis AND Darick Robertson in 2006 and took it to Sony Pictures.

Rogan spoke about it, saying, “We were like, ‘Holy shit, this is fucking crazy,’ and that week we went to Sony and said, ‘Guys, you should do this.'”

Goldberg immediately added, “And they were like, ‘We should…with someone else.'”

Then, the studio brought it to McKay for development, and the first episode of the film made it to the finished script and animation. Obviously it didn’t work.

Although Sony had the rights to The Boys, the project went through several iterations before returning to Rogen, Goldberg, and Kripke.

Robertson shared his thoughts on the journey this project took before finally getting its series adaptation, saying, “I wouldn’t change the way it worked because the show is amazing.

“But he was doing really interesting things. It was just 2008, not 2018. I just don’t think they were ready for it yet.”

In the end it all worked out for the best because there was no way in 2008 McKay would have gotten away with a lot of the things the series is doing. But I can’t help but be curious as to how McKay’s vision for the trilogy would have turned out.

We’ll never know, but fans will definitely enjoy the series, and that’s all that matters.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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