Details on the troubled FRIDAY THE 13th series CRYSTAL LAKE; Charlize Theron was thrilled with Pam Voorhees

Details on the troubled FRIDAY THE 13th series CRYSTAL LAKE;  Charlize Theron was thrilled with Pam Voorhees

A Friday 13th prequel series titled Crystal Lake had been in development for some time at Peracock, but the project was apparently beset by problems.

Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, dead like me, Star Trek: Discovery) was initially hired to develop the series and serve as showrunner, but last month we learned he was no longer involved. That was a big red flag that something was wrong.

The Wrap recently shared a report on the project after speaking with more than a half-dozen insiders closely involved in the planned $85 million Peacock series, and we learn why Fuller dropped out of the project.

One of the most important things we learned in the report was this Charlize Theron she was apparently on board to play the role of Jason Voorhees’ mother, Pamala, which would have been some pretty awesome casting!

It was explained that the series would pick up after the drowning of young Jason Voorhees, and would be a “deconstruction” of Paramount’s first four films.

The series “would incorporate the lore of several sequels but remix that material in a manner similar to Fuller’s Hannibal, who interpolated the Thomas Harris novels for three seasons.

A source said: “We had the mask, we had the sequels, we could do whatever we wanted. She had a good path to follow, which I really liked.

directors Vincenzo Natali AND Kimberly Peirce they were destined to direct the episodes. Kevin Williamson (He shouted) was to write what was “ described as the ‘Red Wedding ‘ of the show – referring to the infamous game of Thrones episode – set entirely on a frozen Crystal Lake, with the summer camp cabins trapped under drifts of snow.

Man, I would have loved to see that! But, despite being three months into production, the series “was plagued by inexperienced production executives making questionable decisions, problems with the show’s writing staff, and conflicts between showrunners and executives.”

It is explained that the series was going over budget and that, according to the report, “the show failed primarily because of Fuller and Gray.” An inside source said the studio “didn’t feel safe” and “had to pull the plug.”

However, another insider said: “It seemed like everyone on Bryan/Jim’s side was trying really hard to make the show happen. A24 felt like they were doing everything they could to not make the show.

The writers’ strike also did not help the situation as significant progress in writing the series was put on hold for an extended period of time. The report highlights a number of challenges when it came to completing the series’ scripts.

Regardless, Fuller was eventually let go and while A24 is said to still be committed to making the project happen, we have no idea if they’ll be able to make it work. It seems like the whole behind-the-scenes aspect of the project is too confusing.

An internal source at A24 states: “We believe in the show. We’ll get through this.” If they can have hope, they continue in the direction Fuller was developing. We’ll just have to wait and see.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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