Director Shawn Levy talks about the pressure on DEADPOOL and WOLVERINE to save the MCU

Director Shawn Levy talks about the pressure on DEADPOOL and WOLVERINE to save the MCU

This is a bit of a strange year for the MCU. We only have one movie out due to the writers’ and actors’ strikes last year, which were pushed back Captain America: Brave New World AND Lightning*.

Those will now be released in 2025 with Fantastic Fourand this year we will continue to pin our hopes on it Deadpool and Wolverine.

Director Shawn Levy feels the pressure of being that one film in a time period where Marvel fans are unsure of its future. Levy said so Total film in a recent interview:

“We had no idea that it would be this unique moment where people were still wondering what the MCU meant. Can it surprise us? Can it break the mold in ways we don’t expect? We certainly hope this movie is an answer to those questions.

What Kevin Feige has built with the MCU is historic as far as a string of successes, but culture has its tide chart, culture has ebbs and flows, and one thing we know is that you can’t keep doing the same thing ad nauseam and expect people to greet it with the same excitement.

\And so it worked out really serendipitously because our movie is not like any other movie in the MCU. Yes, and I say this as a fan of many MCU films.”

Who knows how the film will affect the future of the MCU? For now, Levy is focused on making the best film possible. He went on to add:

“I’d like to take credit for these parallels. Some we absolutely intend, but some are coincidences, and we came up with ‘Marvel Jesus’ two years ago. People love to jump on the bandwagon, if they’re positive, but frankly still more. when they are negative.”

Marvel boss Kevin Feige clearly has faith in Levy’s vision as it was recently reported that he is the favorite to lead Avengers 5. Deadpool and Wolverine it should lead directly to that movie, and I have a good feeling we’re in for a renaissance of the solid storytelling and fun of Marvel movies.

Deadpool and Wolverine arrives in theaters on July 26.

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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