Mila Kunis in the cast of WAKE UP DEAD MAN: A KNIVES OUT MYSTERY by Rian Johnson

Mila Kunis she is the latest actress to come on board Rian Johnson’s crime film Wake Up Dead Man: A Mystery at Knives Out.

Johnson is assembling another stellar cast for the film, which also includes Jeremy Renner, Kerry Washington, Josh O’Connor, Cailee Spaeny, Glenn Close, Andrea ScottAND Daniel Craig he will return as world-famous detective Benoit Blanc.

Aside from Craig, there’s no information on who the other actors will play or what the mystery story will entail.

Rian Johnson teased the next film, saying, “I love everything about crime fiction, but one of the things I love most is how malleable the genre is. There’s a whole tonal spectrum from Carr to Christie, and being able to explore that range is one of the most exciting things about making films with Benoit Blanc.”

The film is about to go into production and I suspect the casting news will keep coming.

Source: deadline

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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