Hayao Miyazaki’s next Studio Ghibli film billed as an “action-adventure” and “nostalgic” film

During marketing Hayao Miyazaki’S The boy and the heron, the film was promoted as Miyazaki’s last film, but that’s not the case. The legendary director is currently developing his next project, and it was recently teased by his son, Goro Miyazaki.

Goro didn’t offer any details about the plot, but he did offer some insight into it, saying, “I would tell him, ‘Make some for future projects. Just making them for your past stuff is boring.'”

He went on to explain while attending Oricon in Japan: “He’s doing some now though. I don’t know if it’s really for his next film, but it seems like an action-adventure type film, nostalgic and reminiscent of the old days.”

When previously talking about this project, the producer Studio Ghibli Toshio Suzuki she said: “He thinks about this new project every day, I can’t stop him anymore, I’ve given up on it. I no longer try to dissuade him, even if it could be a bad film. In life, only work enchants him.”

We continued by saying: “We talked again today before. He started talking about this new project, so I won’t stop him anymore. As long as he works I won’t retire. He’s 82 years old, I think he will retire.” he’ll continue until he’s 90 and I’ll be along for the ride.”

Well, I’m very excited and curious to find out what Miyazaki’s next story will be. He’s a master at telling stories and I love that he’s busy making another movie!

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by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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