Aaron Eckhart will play the President again in director Simon West’s new action film RAIDER

Aaron Eckhart will once again play the President of the United States in a new action thriller titled Raiders. The film comes from the director Simone West (Air conditioning AND Consumables 2).

Eckhart had previously played the role of the commander in chief He fell action movie franchise. This new movie really looks like a fun action movie! It is described as a cross between Air Force One AND Da Vinci’s code.

Raiders tells the story of “a president, sworn in after a landslide victory, who discovers that the White House has been controlled for decades by an elite shadow organization.

“Refuse to bow to their demands or comply with the head of the secret service (Danny Houston), the president works to unravel a series of cryptic messages left by his predecessors hoping they are the key to freeing his family and the country from dark forces.”

Producer Steve Lee Jones said in a statement: “Our leader is a man of class and honor who puts country first, despite impossible risks and odds.

“When he realizes what’s at stake, he simply says, ‘No.’ We are very excited to be working with Aaron again and I can’t imagine a better person than Simon West to bring home this heart-pounding thriller.”

Producer Matthew Shreder says so Raiders it was “a cross between Air Force One AND Da Vinci’s code. People have grown to love seeing Aaron take control, and it elevates him to a whole new level.”

The film was written by J. Craig Stiles (Miranda’s victim) and is hosted at Bee Holder Productions and Concourse Media.

Source: deadline

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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