Olivia Cooke and Jamie Bell will star in an unconventional romantic film: YOU NEED TO KNOW ONE

Olivia Cooke (Ready Player One) AND Jamie Bell (Fantastic Four) will be the protagonists of a new film project entitled It takes one to know onewhich is described as an “unconventional and contemporary take on romance”.

The story follows Eleanor (Cooke) and Lucas (Bell). “When the two meet in Rome, their chemistry is electric. With a shared passion for art, for Italy and for each other, it feels like the start of something life-changing. The biggest obstacle: They are both in relationships with other people.”

The film is also said to be “a twist on real-time runaway romance” and is “a sexy, relatable love story that captures the spark of attraction between two people who accidentally find something they didn’t realize to look for”. .”

The film comes from an Italian director Nathalie Biancheri (Wolf, nocturnal) from a screenplay by Brooke Baker (Pam and Tommy, swept away), which was on the 2022 Black List.

Cooke shared in a statement: “The script written by Brooke is beautiful and delightful and can only be improved further by Natalie and Jamie’s immense talent and vision. Working with this brilliant group is a dream.”

Biancheri added: “I am so excited to work with Olivia and Jamie on this project. The script is a great combination of sexy, funny but also quite moving and I feel like it really hits a spot that people are hungry for in cinema today.

Baker said: “Writing this film for Olivia was an incredible experience and I immediately fell in love with Nathalie’s inspired and visionary approach to the material. I couldn’t be more thrilled that Nathalie, Olivia and Jamie will bring to life this story and these characters that I love so deeply.”

Alison Thompson and Mark Gooder of Cornerstone added: “We immediately fell in love with Brooke’s superb script, Nathalie’s bold and original take on the romance film and our two lead actors couldn’t be a more perfect combination.”

It seems like everyone involved with the project is excited about it. There is a solid team of talent attached to it and I’m sure they will make an entertaining film.

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by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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