Aaron Eckhart talks about reading THE DARK KNIGHT script for the first time

Aaron Eckhartwho played Harvey Dent in Christopher Nolan’S The dark Knighthe’s a huge fan of that movie and loves that fans still talk about how great it is.

During a recent interview with CB, Eckhard opened up about the film and talked about what it was like for him to read the script for the first time.

Eckhart said, “That movie is extraordinary, that movie is special, and it wasn’t just special on the screen. It was special in the writing. It was special in the writing.”

Remember: “I’ll tell you a story about it. I was at home and a guy came to my house with the script. He handed me the script and waited outside for two hours while I read it, then I handed it back to him and he left.

The actor continued: “And I remember reading that script going, oh, I felt like I’d just read a novel, a great novel. And I thought, how the hell can you incorporate so many main characters into one plot, into one movie, into one screenplay and make it work? But there it was, and Chris put everything in that script on the screen.

He went on to talk about Nolan’s work on the film, saying, “And if you look at Gotham City and what’s happening in Gotham City now, before that, Chris made that movie real. And of course there was Heath who fell off the charts.

He added: “But look what happened. It is a big city that has inept and cowardly politicians, corrupt politicians who have handed the city over to the mafia. And now people who can’t walk down the street at night can’t.

“They have to rely on someone to come and save them. And if you think about it, how pertinent and relevant that storyline is, it’s oppression. And so I think the film goes beyond entertainment and cinema.”

I recently re-watched The Dark Knight and was once again blown away by how damn amazing that movie is!

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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