Alex Proyas’ THE CROW will have a new featurette focusing on Brandon Lee and a new poster

Alex Proyas’ classic 1994 film adaptation The Raven will soon be re-released in theaters for its 30th anniversary.

To celebrate this, we have a wonderful new featurette to watch focusing on the film’s star Brandon Lee and what he brought to the role and the film. I’ve also included some poster art.

The re-release description reads: “The modern-gothic original that entranced audiences and critics alike, The Crow tells the story of a young musician brutally murdered along with his beloved fiancée, only to be resurrected from the grave by a mysterious crow Seeking revenge, he fights an underground criminal group that must answer for his crimes.

“Adapted from the comic book saga of the same name, this action-packed thriller from director Alex Proyas (Dark City) features a hypnotic style, dazzling visuals and a soulful performance from the late Brandon Lee.

“Part of the ‘Scream Greats’ series presented by Paramount Scares & Fangoria. Bonus content with the feature: Legendary Production Designer Alex McDowell revisits the 1994 goth masterpiece taking us on a fascinating deep dive that covers all aspects of the film’s design.”

The Raven will return to theaters later this month, May 29th. Then there’s the upcoming reboot that hits theaters on August 23rd.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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