Mondo reveals the Sky Sled vehicle for its MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE collectible action figure line

Mondo has released the first vehicle for its line of Masters of the Universe collectible action figures… He Man’s Sky Sled.

This is the smallest vehicle in the series, with no moving parts, so it makes sense that this is the vehicle they chose to bring to life.

You can enter any 1/6 scale Masters of the Universe action figure on the Sky Sled, but it’s not cheap. It will cost collectors $395.

The Sky Sled comes complete with display base, flame discharge effect and laser blasts. It also features a retractable side panel to reveal the engine details inside.

The Sky Sled was originally the removable front part of the Battle Ram vehicle from the original toy line. It will be interesting to see if Mondo ends up producing more Masters of the Universe vehicles.

The Sky Sled is available for pre-order for a limited edition that closes on May 17th.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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