Trailer for Chuck Norris’ sci-fi action thriller AGENT RECON

Chuck Norris is back in action in a new sci-fi action thriller titled Recon Agent. In the film, Norris plays Alastair, the commander of a secret Earth security task force. This is probably one of Norris’ side jobs in real life.

The story of the film Alastair, “invites super-powered rookie Jim to embark on a mission led by hardened Colonel Green and his experienced Marines to track down a mysterious energy disturbance from a base in New Mexico suspected of experimenting on alien technology.

“When the team encounters an unknown being gifted not only with extraordinary strength and speed, but also the ability to control mindless warriors, the trio must fight against unstoppable hordes to uncover the truth behind the hostile alien fortress and prevent the end of the humanity.”

Recon Agent is written and directed by Derek Ting and also stars in the film alongside Norris. Other cast members include Marco Singer, Silvia Kwan, Jason Scott JenkinsAND Nikki Leigh.

Ting said in a statement: “My stunt team pushed the boundaries of my vision for clear, grounded action, elevated with driven storytelling, and we had Chuck’s son, Dakota, on board to choreograph all the his father’s fight sequences”.

This really looks like a fun movie! Quiver will release it in select US theaters and on VOD on June 21, 2024.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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