Ryan Gosling knows exactly what THE FALL GUY 2 would be like and hopes they make it

The universal one The boy of autumn opened last weekend to rave reviews from fans and critics. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a huge box office turnout, so we’ll have to see how it performs in the long run, but hopefully the studio sees how much fans enjoyed it and will let them make another one.

The director of the film, as well as a former stuntman, David Leitch he said he made this movie as a tribute to all the unsung stuntmen in the industry, and it was actually a lot of fun. It had comedy, romance, great music, and some of the best action ever!

When talking about the possibility of a sequel, star of the film Ryan Gosling I recently sat down with Fast Company (via CB) and said:

“Oh yeah. We already… I mean, we love these characters so much that we wanted to know, just for ourselves, what happens to Colt and [Emily Blunt’s character] Jody after the end of the movie? What is the next stage for them? And we know exactly what it is. So I hope the audience wants to know too. The sequel wrote itself. We already know it [the story] intimately. We just hope that people like this film enough to allow us to continue telling the story of these characters. We love them so much, and we love this world, and I’m confident that we can do this.”

I would absolutely love to see a second movie with these characters! I took my family to see it The boy of autumn, and each of us had a great time at the theater. I love movies like this and I know we would come see another one. And you? You saw The boys of autumn? If not, go to the theater and enjoy it.

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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