Mike Flanagan produces the supernatural horror film SHELBY OAKS about the missing paranormal investigator

Mike Flanagan (Doctor Sleep, Midnight Mass) will produce an upcoming supernatural horror thriller titled Shelby Oaks.

The film is based on a popular online marketing campaign involving a series of found footage videos uploaded by a fictional YouTuber named JesstheParanoid. The whole thing was created by Youtubers Chris Stuckmann.

Flanagan will executive produce the film alongside producing partners Trevor Macy AND Melinda Nishioka.

The synopsis reads: “Mia (Camille Sullivan) frantically searches for his sister Riley (Sarah Durn), after Riley mysteriously disappears in the latest tape of a group of paranormal investigators called the Paranormal Paranoids. As Mia’s obsession grows, she begins to suspect that the imaginary demon from Riley’s childhood may be real.”

The latest video uploaded is titled “Riley’s Last Message” and is the last known footage of Mia’s sister Riley before her mysterious disappearance.

Stuckmann writes and directs the film, in which he also stars Brendan Sexton III, Michele Spiaggia, Robin Bartlett, Keith DavidAND Emily Bennett.

The film was funded through a Kickstarter campaign, which raised $1.39 million in less than a month, with over 14,000 people donating. It actually became the number one most funded horror film project on the crowdfunding platform.

Shelby Oaks It doesn’t have a release date yet. It looks like it will be an interesting film project.

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by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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