EVIL DEAD spinoff director Francis Galluppi talks acting in Sam Raimi’s horror franchise

There are currently two evil Dead Spin-off movie in the works. One is from the director Sébastien Vanicekand the other comes from the director Francesco Galluppi.

We don’t know exactly what story these films will tell, but one thing we do know is that they will bring bloody, gory terror! Galluppi recently spoke about his love for evil Dead franchise and the opportunity he was given to play Sam Raimiof the horror franchise universe.

Galluppi said: “All I can really say is how much of a fan I am evil Dead and how much I really care about this franchise. It’s really one of the films that made me want to make films. That’s not all I’m saying.”

He continued: “I grew up watching Back to the Future AND Indiana Jones and these huge shows and I’ve spent a lot of my life playing music because movies, making movies seems so unattainable, and there’s something about the original evil Dead that you could just say it [director] Sam [Raimi] AND Bruce [Campbell] they were out there having so much fun making what they wanted to do.

“And it was so innovative,” he added, “and that’s really the thing that inspired me to get a camera and get my friends together and go out and make a short horror film.

“My office is covered evil Dead stuff, so I did it, it’s just very exciting. I’m really excited. It’s great to work with everyone at Ghost House.”

He went on to talk about which of the evil Dead movies could influence his spinoff, saying, “I like them all. I’m totally serious. I think it’s perfect… they didn’t mess up any of the movies. They’re all great, and I love them all for my own reasons.

He then underlined Army of Darknesssaying, “Obviously, Army of Darkness it came out at a time, a perfect age for me, so I watched it a lot growing up, and evil Dead it had a huge impact on me when I was 18. And I love it Wedding ring [Álvarez’s]. I love Lee [Cronin’s]. They are all fantastic.

He added: “I can’t really tell you if… I feel like I always go back to the original evil Dead. For me it’s just a comfort film. But having said that, I watch them all. Even the show. The show is great.”

When it comes to Ash vs. Evil Dead of the series, Galluppi said: “When that show aired, it was like it was the only show where we always had a weekly fucking party at my house, and everyone would come over and get pizza, and we were all watching the plan.” new episode of Ash vs. Evil Deadand I miss it.”

Well, the director sure seems like a big fan of the franchise! I hope it ends up bringing something crazy, horrible, and unique to the franchise!

What kind of story would you like to see old in the evil Dead universe? Personally, I like to see the history of the universe explored more.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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