Disturbing trailer for the horror thriller DANCING VILLAGE: THE CURSE BEGINS

Lionsgate has released a trailer for its new horror thriller Dancing Village: the curse begins. In the story, to protect her village from a demon, a young woman is ritually forced to dance for the rest of her life.

The description reads: “A shaman orders Mila to return a mystical bracelet, the Kawaturih, to the ‘Dancing Village,’ a remote site on the easternmost tip of the island of Java.

“Joined with her cousin, Yuda, and her friends Jito and Arya, Mila arrives on the island only to find that the village elder is dead and that the new guardian, Mbah Buyut, is missing.

“Various strange and disturbing events occur while awaiting Mbah Buyut’s return, including a visit by Mila from Badarawuhi, a mysterious and mythical being who rules the village.

“When she decides to return the Kawaturih without Mgah Buyut’s help, Mila threatens the safety of the village and must participate in a ritual to select the new “Dawuh”, a cursed soul forced to dance for the rest of her life.”

The film comes from director Kimo Stamboel and looks like an intense and disturbing horror film. The film is shown in selected theaters.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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