Mel Brooks continues to tease a SPACEBALLS sequel and shares his love for STAR WARS

Mel Brooks has been teasing a possible Spaceballs sequel for years, and while there’s been no news of a film in development, the legendary comedy director is still talking about it.

Brooks, who is 97, recently participated in a panel at the TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood following a screening of his 1987 film Spaceballs.

While speaking with TCM’s Ben Mankiewicz, Brooks shared some fun stories about the films he worked on and his time in Hollywood.

One story he told was about a meeting he had with Alfred Hitchcock to get his blessing for the parody film High Anxiety. She explained that Hitchcock ate a full meal complete with steak, shrimp and more, and that he was still hungry when he finished, so he went ahead and ordered that full meal again!

Eventually the conversation moved on Spaceballs and in a clip you can watch on io9, Brooks talks about how to work George Lucas and how the creator of Star Wars was okay with Brooks making the parody.

The only thing Lucas told Brooks he couldn’t do was make his own Spaceballs products, like toys and things like that, which he never did.

Brooks then thought about making Spaceballs 2 and if he went ahead with that film he wondered if he would be able to make merchandise for that film. That’s a good question!

I’m happy that Brooks is still thinking about a Spaceballs sequel, but if he’s actually going to do it, he better do it soon!

Brooks also spoke about his love for the Star Wars franchise, saying, “I loved it. I loved the photo. I thought it was unusual. I thought it was incredibly original and was a combination of all the things I loved as a child, like Ivanhoe and Robin Hood.”

He added: “It was kind of a fairy tale with the zaps. Lots of zaps. But it was nice. It was a good movie and his heart was in the right place.”

Years ago, Brooks said the sequel would have a title Spaceballs: The quest for more money. But who knows if it’s something he’s actively developing.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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