Anne Hathaway says 2000s chemistry tests involved asking her to make out with 10 guys, it was ‘gross’

Anne Hathaway he made his mark in Hollywood, winning an Academy Award, an Emmy and a Golden Globe. She played iconic roles in films for which she will always be remembered The Princess Diaries, Rachel is getting married, The devil wears Prada, The Dark Knight Rises, The MiserablesAND Ocean’s 8. He is about to release his latest film, the romantic drama The idea of ​​youwhich he also produced, and talked about the process of finding his protagonist for this film compared to what it was like when he was still starting out.

In a recent interview with V Magazine, Hathaway said:

“In the 2000s – and this happened to me – it was considered normal to ask an actor to make out with other actors to test chemistry, which is actually the worst way to do it. I was told: ‘We have 10 guys coming today and you will be chosen. Aren’t you excited to make out with all of them?’ And I thought, ‘Is there something wrong with me?’ because I wasn’t excited. I thought it sounded disgusting. I was so young and terribly aware of how easy it was to lose everything by being labeled “difficult,” so I just pretended to be excited and moved on. It wasn’t a power play, no one was trying to be terrible or hurt me. It was just a very different time and we know better now.

He went on to describe how things went about finding the lead to star alongside his character in his most recent film, saying:

“We asked each of the incoming actors to choose a song that they thought their character would love, that they would put on for my character to dance to, and then we did a quick little improvisation. I was sitting in a chair like we were coming back from dinner or a walk or something, we pressed play and started dancing together.

Nicola Galitzine he won the part after choosing a song by Alabama Smoothies to dance with Hathaway, who recalled that Galitzine was “so ridiculously perfect” for the role as soon as he entered the room.

“And it was just easy. I heard [lead singer] Brittany [Howard]and I started smiling. And he saw me smiling, so he relaxed and we started dancing. Nobody showed off. Nobody was trying to get the gig. We were just in a space dancing. I looked over and Michael Showalter, our director, was beaming. Spark!”

The idea of ​​you debuted to rave reviews at the SXSW Film Festival last month. The film will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video starting May 2.

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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