Trailer for a fun indie sci-fi comedy about UFOs FOIL

Here’s a fun trailer for a little indie science fiction comedy about UFOs called Sheet. In the film, an unusual piece of film of potential alien origin causes a rift between two former best friends camping in the California desert.

The synopsis reads: “After skipping their high school reunion to reconnect at a desert campsite, Rex and Dexter realize their intentions for the weekend are at odds. Dexter, a failed filmmaker, hopes to use a legendary vortex in the area to inspire a movie idea.

“Rex, a rebellious conspiracy theorist, plans to investigate an alleged UFO incident that is believed to explain the anomaly. Tension quickly erupts when they encounter an unusually friendly camper who claims to have found some wreckage from the crash: a mysterious piece of shiny film.

“The two friends aren’t sure what to believe. Reconciling their past may be the only way for both of them to emerge from this desert with a future.”

This quirky looking film comes from the director Zach Greenfrom a screenplay he collaborated on Devin O’Rourke. Movie stars Chris Doubek in the role of Tom, Brian McGuire, Devin O’Rourke, Zach Green, Ari Stidham, Ashley Rae SpillersAND Jasmine Wattar.

Cranked Up Films will be released Sheet direct-to-VOD starting May 10, 2024.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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