Trailer for THE KING TIDE, a thriller about a child with mysterious healing powers

I have a trailer here for you to watch for a mysterious religious drama called The King’s Tide. The story centers on a mysterious little girl who washes up on the shore of a struggling east coast island community of Canada who has healing powers.

The film’s synopsis reads: “‘Many thanks to Isla.’ A struggling community on an east coast island receives a mysterious lifeline when a newborn baby is found on their beach. The child radiates a healing aura, healing all who spend a few moments in his presence. But after a decade of prosperity , Isla’s adoptive parents must decide whether her safety takes precedence over their community’s expectations.

It is described as “the story of an insular community that refuses to accept a much larger world beyond its shores, which mirrors our specific cultural circumstance and at the same time serves as a timeless meditation on faith and fundamentalism.”

The King’s Tide is directed by Christian Sparkesand becomes the protagonist Francesca Fisher, Clayne Crawford, Aden Young, Michael Gray eyes, Lara Jean ChorosteckiAND Kathryn Greenwoodwith Alix West Lefler played by Isla, 10 years old.

It looks like a good film that tells an interesting and exciting story and will be released in theaters on April 26, 2024.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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