Patty Jenkins says she’s back working on STAR WARS: ROGUE SQUADRON for Lucasfilm

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins recently revealed that she’s back to work on her Star Wars: Rogue Squadron films at Lucasfilm. This is one of many Star Wars projects that many fans thought were dead. It’s been over a year since there were any updates on the matter, but recently she was a guest on the Talking Pictures podcast, the director revealed that she is currently working on the script. She also explained why there was such a long delay, saying:

“So when I left Star Wars to make Wonder Woman 3, I thought maybe I would come back to Star Wars after Wonder Woman 3. So we made a deal for that to happen, we started a deal, but I thought I was making Wonder Woman. When everything went away, Lucasfilm and I were like, “Oh, we’ve got to get this deal done.” We got the deal done right as the strike was going on. So now I owe a draft of Star Wars and so we’ll see what happens there. You know, like , who knows?

He went on to talk about the current state of Lucasfilm regarding the Star Wars films they are developing:

“It’s difficult, they have a lot of hard work ahead of them as to what the first film they make will be. They have other directors who have worked, but now I’m back working on Rogue Squadron and we’ll see what happens. We need to develop it, you know, get it to where we’re both super happy with it.”

The film will tell an original story heavily inspired by the games and books. Speaking previously about the film, Jenkins said:

“Michael Stackpole’s books, the video games, and all the Rogue Squadron books, have an incredible history that’s really important to honor. And yet, it has to be brought into a new era, because we have to tell a new story with it and so you’re trying to blend the best of everything and make it the great fighter pilot movie, that I’ve always wanted. also to do. It’s a big jumble of things that you’re trying to put together while still trying to keep a simple story.”

When it comes to the pressure of doing a Star Wars film, added:

“You’re trying to take the best of yourself and use it to create something beautiful that honors the legacy that’s in front of you. Of course, that’s a huge amount of pressure and Wonder Woman was too, so it’s not like that.” a totally new sensation for me. Definitely unnerving.”

There are currently four more Star Wars films in active development included The Mandalorian and Grogu from Jon Favreau; James Mangold he is working on a film about the origins of the Force; Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is developing a film about Rey as she builds the new Jedi Order. Then, there is Dave Filoniwho is also working on a New Republic Era film.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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