Zack Snyder responds to negative reviews for REBEL MOON: PART 1 – A CHILD OF FIRE

Zack SnyderNetflix’s sci-fi adventure film Rebel Moon: Part 1 – A Daughter of Fire it was not well received by critics or audiences. While most people like the visual style of Snyder’s filmmaking, the poor storytelling, writing, and screenplay are what critics are tearing apart.

I’ve also seen arguments that Snyder is simply “borrowing” liberally from better films, but that’s the least of the film’s problems, and that’s just what Hollywood does. Regardless, there are fans out there who defend the film. The director recently addressed the negative reviews the film has received, telling Empire:

“I don’t really have a rebuttal to the reviews. Whatever the reason, the reaction to my films is very polarizing, and always has been. There doesn’t seem to be much in the film to justify such visceral responses.”

Here’s my thing, I actually like Snyder. I think Snyder is a great visual director! But eye candy can’t fix a bad or poorly written story. I feel like Snyder is wasting his talent on weak stories and scripts. Imagine if Snyder played to his strengths as a visual storyteller but actually had a great script to work with! He would make some damn great movies! Snyder just needs to bring in great writers to help him make his films.

Franchise star Sofia Boutella he previously shared his thoughts on the film’s negative reviews, saying:

“I always thought I was fully armed to deal with those blows, and then I read the criticism of ‘Rebel Moon’ and it really hit me. I’ll just be honest about it. I feel like I’m carrying this forward for everyone who cared so much about this project, and that’s what struck me. Not the way I look. If anything, I was lucky enough and people like my work, but the film was criticized.

“I was really impressed by everyone who put so much heart, tears and sweat into this project. It’s hard to imagine anything being demolished to this extent. I’m proud to have been a part of it, and if there’s no more ‘Rebel Moon,’ it will be a very important part of my life that I will defend forever.”

Ultimately, Snyder’s films are divisive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I wish Snyder would take some of the valid constructive criticism and use it to become a stronger director.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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