The direction of FALLOUT 5 influenced the story of the FALLOUT TV series

Fans seem pretty excited about Prime Video Fall series, based on the popular video game franchise. The first trailer released was fantastic, and while we were all looking forward to it, Bethesda continues to develop Relapse 5which is still a long way off.

Relapse 5 it’s not expected to arrive until 2030, but there are major plot points and ideas in place for the sequel, and those ideas that have already been planned have ended up influencing the direction of the series.

This little insight came from Bethesda Todd Howard during an interview with Den of Geek, where he talked about conversations he had with him Fall showrunner Graham Wagner and writer and producer Jonathan Nolan, saying, “Well, there were some things where I said, ‘Don’t do it because we’ll do it in the future.’ Relapse 5.’”

Who knows, maybe the Fall the series will fill the gap between the events of Fallout 4 AND Relapse 5. The series is set in future post-apocalyptic Los Angeles and will tell an original story based on Fall games and it has been said that this new story will be part of the games canon.

Fall it is the story of “the haves and the have-nots” in a world where there is almost nothing left to have. 200 years after the apocalypse, the gentle inhabitants of luxury fallout shelters are forced to return to the irradiated hellscape their ancestors left behind – and are shocked to discover an incredibly complex, gleefully strange and highly violent universe awaiting them ”.

The world of Fall it is “one in which the future imagined by Americans in the late 1940s explodes in on itself through nuclear war in 2077. In Fallout, the harshness of the wasteland is contrasted with the previous generation’s utopian idea of ​​a better world through ‘nuclear energy. It’s serious in tone, but sprinkled with moments of wry humor and B-movie nuclear fantasies.

The series comes from Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan AND Lisa Joyand becomes the protagonist Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, Walton Goggins and more.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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