Zack Snyder Says REBEL MOON: PART TWO: THE SCARGIVER Has ‘A Lot More Action’ Than The First Film

Director Zack Snyder is preparing to release the second film in its two-part film series Rebel Moon, this one titled Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver. While the first film, Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire wasn’t as well received as Snyder had hoped, he’s hyping the second film and promising fans that this film will have “a lot more action.”

In a recent interview with Empire, Snyder said:

“It’s a war film, 100%. There’s a lot more action than the first film, very intense and crazy action.”

And his hopes are that, after spending time bringing our heroes together, there will be emotional fireworks amid the battles, seeing them put their lives on the line to save the day.

“It will absolutely be a roller coaster of emotions that you will experience with these cats. We find out the backstories of our heroes and there’s an interesting correlation between what happened to most of them to make this fight cathartic and symbolic.”

At the center of the action is Sofia BoutellaKora is coming back – not just the ‘Child Of Fire’ of First part title, but also ‘The Scargiver’ of Second part. And as you’ll see, she has something new to do for the next chapter, pondering where she’ll go next. Snyder explained:

“He’s shielding us from his actual involvement and there’s a little bit of conflict about what he did. But ultimately, what she offers to the group, her skills and her desire to redeem herself, make her a powerful asset.”

Rebel Moon: Part Two comes to Netflix on April 19th and you can pick it up First part streaming now.

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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