Donald Glover talks about his film STAR WARS: LANDO and why he signed a contract

Last year it was announced that Lucasfilm Star Wars: Lando the series would be reworked as a movie and stuff like that Donald Glover not only would he reprise his role, but he would also write the film with his brother Stephen Glover.

It’s been several months since we last got an update on the project, but during a recent interview with THR, the actor opened up about the project and shared why he agreed to make it. He explained:

“[Mr. and Mrs. Smith costar] Maya [Erskine] and I often talk about no, it’s the only power you have in this industry. But I said yes because I like the characters and my kids love Star Wars. And at this point, I just know when something is going to be good because you’re really fighting the industry when you [put your imprint on a franchise of that magnitude]. And it’s not that… I was going to say, and it’s not that I hate the industry, but now I’m like, ‘Do I hate the industry?'”

Glover made his debut as Lando Calrissian Solo: A Star Wars Story, and that created a lot more story to tell with the character. This is such a fun character and I love that he will be explored more in the Star Wars universe. We don’t have any story details to share, but I’m excited to see what Glover is planning.

The actor previously said he wanted to tell a story he knew he’d be happy with, and doesn’t want to waste time on a project he’s not fully invested in, but he said Lando is definitely a character he’d like to play with new: “People realized that their time was precious. You only get so much. So I’m not interested in doing something that’s just a waste of time or just a paycheck. I much prefer spending time with people I like. So it just has to be the right thing, and I think it could be. Lando is definitely someone I would love to hang out with.

Glover had previously shared his vision for a Lando project, describing it as Frasier in space: “It would be nice to see, for example, Frasier in space. Like, a high-end guy in space. All of these characters are very specific and have very specific points of view, so it’s always going to be fun to see them travel to a planet that’s the opposite of what they’re used to… And it all sounds so it would be fun to write, for sure.

Can’t wait to see Glover’s Lando movie? Is there a particular story you’d like to see told?

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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