The Story of BLADE RUNNER Star Sean Young’s Unforgettable Offer to Catwoman in BATMAN RETURNS

Blade Runner star Sean Young she once made a valiant attempt to secure the role of Catwoman Tim Burton’S The Return of Batman. While the show she made may have caused a stir at the time, it’s fascinating to learn about Young’s experience.

Fresh off her success in Blade Runner and Dune, Young actually landed the role of Vicki Vale in Tim Burton’s Batman. Young was on the cusp of stardom when she landed the role of Vicki Vale in the film and she would star opposite Michael Keaton as the Caped Crusader. However, fate had other plans for Young. An injury forced her to leave the project, paving the way for Kim Basinger to take on the role of Gotham City’s intrepid reporter.

Young’s passion for landing a role in a Batman film hasn’t waned during his recovery, and he’s set his sights on an even more iconic character in Batman’s rogues’ gallery… Catwoman.

In a memorable and somewhat daring move, Sean Young appeared on The Joan Rivers Show dressed as Catwoman. Lui began his appearance by channeling the campy depiction of the feline menace from the 1960s Batman TV series. It was a moment that left the public and the experts divided.

Young’s decision to don the Catwoman ensemble on national television was met with mixed reactions. Some applauded her for this, while others labeled her actions as unconventional and perhaps even eccentric. If you watch the video you can clearly see that she was having fun.

Reflecting on the incident in a recent interview with The Spectator, Young shared his perspective on it, saying:

“Honestly, I thought it was funny! I thought it was really, really funny, but these, these insecure dickheads in these studios, they just didn’t see the humor. They really didn’t see it. And I didn’t realize that they were so no sense of humor. Really, I didn’t. I thought it was absolutely damn funny. I love that video. Of course, I should have played Catwoman, and if these guys had any sense, anytime from that moment until now, they would give me the part again because [the controversy]it was so perfect, but they’re not good businessmen… They’re not very smart.”

Young’s candid observations shed light on his sense of humor. He believed he was the perfect choice for Catwoman and his unconventional approach to her was an attempt to show off her personality in an effort to get her.

In the 1990s, various rumors and rumors circulated about Young’s involvement in the The Return of Batman. Some claimed that she had secured the role of her but she was fired before filming began, while others suggested that she had never been in the running for the part but believed that she owed it to due to its previous connection to the Batman franchise.

Young’s Catwoman stunt in 1991 earned her the label “crazy” in the entertainment industry at the time. Despite her success in the 80s, the actress found herself facing challenges in her career after Joan Rivers appeared, which is a shame. She deserved better.

Ultimately, Catwoman was played by Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns, followed by Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises and Zoë Kravitz in The Batman. Each actress brought their own unique style to the character.

I would have loved to see Young as Catwoman! I think he would have brought something very beautiful and unique to the character. While I loved Pfeiffer’s portrayal, I still can’t help but be curious about what Young would have brought to the table.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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