Enjoy this fantastic sci-fi western short THE BALLAD OF MADDOG QUINN

I have a really cool sci-fi western short film for you to watch today called The Ballad of Maddog Quinn. The gripping short film brings to life the wild spirit of the wild and desolate frontier. This gem of a short film drops viewers into a steam-fueled dystopia where dust, rust and blood paint the canvas of lawlessness.

In this adrenaline-filled story, a notorious outlaw finds himself on a high-stakes chase across the state, pursued by a relentless group of lawmen. Wanted and on the run, Maddog Quinn’s journey takes place against the backdrop of a desolate landscape where the only constants are the speed of a horse and the echo of gunshots.

The Ballad of Maddog Quinn weaves a narrative where quick trigger and power are the keys to survival. The film pays homage to the golden age of Westerns while telling a solid story with its fantastic wild and desolate setting.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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