‘Euphoria’ producer Kevin Turen’s cause of death revealed

Kevin Turen, the producer of HBO shows euphoria And The idoldied of multiple heart problems, according to a coroner’s report.

The official cause of death was acute cardiac dysfunction and hypertrophic heart disease, which included coronary heart disease.

Turen was driving his Tesla on a highway in California when he was hit. His 10-year-old son managed to stop the car and move it to the side of the road. Turen was then taken to the hospital and died there.

Turen first produced Larry Clarks What rockersand later partnered with Sam Levinson to produce Malcolm and Marie, Trey Shultz wavesNicholas Jareckis ArbitrationNate Parker’s The birth of a nationColonel Mondruzzos Pieces of a womanRamin Bahranis 99 housesand that of Ti West X Trilogy.

The 44-year-old producer leaves behind his wife Evelina and his two sons Jack and James.

TMZ was the first to break the news.

Source: Deadline

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