CAA film department co-head Maha Dakhil resigns after controversial social media posts

Maha Dakhil, associate head of film at CAA, has temporarily ceased running day-to-day operations and resigned from the agency’s internal board after making controversial comments about Israel’s response to Hamas terror attacks.

Dakhil represents stars including Tom Cruise and Natalie Portman and the move comes after talks with the agency led by Bryan Lourd, Kevin Huvane and Richard Lovett.

However, she continues to work with clients.

CAA has just sent out an internal memo outlining the changes.

It came after she reposted an Instagram story earlier this week which said: “You just find out who supports genocide.”

Dakhil, who also represents Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon and Olivia Wilde, among others, later apologized in a statement and admitted she had made a “mistake”.

“I made a mistake when I used offensive language on my Instagram story. Like so many of us, I am sad. I am proud to stand on the side of humanity and peace. I am very grateful to Jewish friends and colleagues who pointed out the consequences and educated me. I immediately deleted the repost. I am sorry for the pain I have caused,” she said in a statement.

There was some confusion yesterday about whether Dakhil represents Steven Spielberg, but Deadline has confirmed that although she is listed on Spielberg’s IMDb Pro page, she is not working with him. Schindler’s List Director.

The move comes as a group of showrunners and high-profile WGA members met yesterday to discuss why the WGA is silent on the issue.

Under the chairmanship of American soul According to Zoom creator Jonathan Prince, the Zoom meeting would include the likes of Sacha Baron Cohen, Jerry Seinfeld. crazy men Creator Matt Weiner and The beautiful Mrs. Maisel Amy Sherman Palladino.

The meeting comes nearly a week after dozens of high-profile WGA members released an open letter chastising the guild’s leadership for “the guild’s silence while terrorists invaded Israel to kill, rape and rape Jews.” and kidnapped…” and guild members gather to say something more.

Source: Deadline

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