Not just “Barbie”, Mattel will have its own cinematic universe with other toys

No solo ‘Barbie’, Mattel tendrá su universo de películas con otros juguetesNot only

Not just ‘Barbie’, Mattel will have its own cinematic universe with other toys – Special (WarnerBros)

‘Barbie’ has not been released in theaters, but it is already one of the most followed films by the public, which is why it aims to have a gigantic success on the big screen, therefore, Mattel is preparing more films centered around some of its most iconic toysso not only the doll played by Margot Robbie would have her own film.

Information has been revealed that points to this Mattel wants to follow in Hasbro’s footsteps on the big screenWell, we mustn’t forget that it’s the last of these toy companies that recently adapted a new “Transformers” movie, and the next one will also have a crossover with “GI Joe,” so that universe hasn’t stopped growing. screen.

Mattel is following these steps as the toy company has been confirmed to be looking to adapt titles related to ‘Hot Wheels’, the historical toy’Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots Arena’, and even ‘The magic or the 8’and the board game’One’, titles known to several generations of fans, so like ‘Barbie’ will certainly arouse great interest.

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Additionally, Mattel CEO Ynon Kreiz indicated that they plan to do more productions of ‘Masters of the Universe’, this is the saga of ‘I have-Man’, which, according to the toy company exec, would give a larger cinematic universe than Marvel’s in theaters, so it would be the big screen bet for this franchise.

At the moment, all these films would be in pre-production, which is not easy considering that these are stories based on toys, since although the story of “He-Man” is true, it has a clear path To follow, adapt games such as “Uno” or “The Magic 8 Ball” for a movie plot is difficult, so it may take a long time to get more news about these new movies.

Mattel would bet on having a larger cinematic universe than Marvel’s with stories based on their toys. Fountain. Courtesy. Photographer: Special.

‘Barbie’ starts it all

MoreoverIt all depends on the result ‘Barbie’ enter the cinemasa production which, although it is true, has aroused great interest in the public, the real result will be what it will generate in the cinema box office worldwide, a film which is very close to being released by Warner and Mattel on the big screen.

The release of ‘Barbie’ is scheduled for July 21, a title that could greatly help other Mattel films to overcome the hell of pre-production, a stage where many stories have been discarded to be adapted to the big screen , for now we have to wait for the iconic doll to hit theaters to get a more concrete picture of the future of what could be a huge cinematic universe.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix

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